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Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist1 day ago
Katie Stenzel - Soprano and I are artists in residence next week at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre and the following week take our duo show ‘Wonderland’ to Maleny.

Stay tuned for tour content and show info! 😎
Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist7 days ago
I had the great pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s leading composers, Brett Dean. I am equally pleased to be playing his music in ‘Crimson’ and hope to see some friends at the shows x
Alex Raineri Pianist
Brisbane Music Festival
Composer Brett Dean in discussion with Alex Raineri Pianist, on his work 'Hommage a Brahms' which is featured in 'Crimson' (March 1, 3 + 5).

Tickets at https://brismusicfestival.com/crimson/

Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist1 week ago
Playing some excellent music in the coming week. Brisbane friends, please join me!

Alex Raineri Pianist
Brisbane Music Festival
AD Alex Raineri Pianist on ‘Crimson’ which features next week - March 1, 3 + 5.
Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist1 week ago
A interview with my friend and collaborator Jenna Robertson in the lead up to the next festival show. We talk about many big things...and my awesome lamp 💡😂
Alex Raineri Pianist
Brisbane Music Festival
Jenna Robertson interviews BMF Artistic Director Alex Raineri Pianist for Episode 3 of the 2021 ‘Meet the Creative Team’ series.

We hope to see you at Alex’s solo recital ‘Crimson’ next week - March 1st, 3rd and 5th.

Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist2 weeks ago
I'm in Adelaide! ... and will be playing my solo Chopin program (below) in four shows over the next two evenings.

Berceuse, Op. 57
Nocturne in Db, Op. 27 #2
Nocturne in C# minor, Op. post
Scherzo No. 3 in C# minor
24 Preludes, Op. 28

Thursday 25th Feb
6:30pm (limited remaining tix)

Friday 26th Feb
6:30pm (SOLD OUT)
8:30pm (limited remaining tix)

Alex Raineri Pianist
Alex Raineri Pianist2 weeks ago
So looking forward to playing some extraordinary music next week. Join me in the confines of my own music studio, for the next instalment in this years Brisbane Music Festival. All three shows are close to capacity so jump in quick 😜🎶


15 hours ago
Big thanks to Ross Kay at ABC Wide Bay for chatting to me and Katie Stenzel ahead of 'Wonderland' coming up this week!

Jump to 3hrs 8mins if you'd like to catch the interview.

15 hours ago
Next up for Bris Music Fest! ‘Wonderland’ on tour with Katie Stenzel to Bundaberg and Maleny. https://t.co/AUR9jTUuU2 Raineri_Pianist photo
2 weeks ago
First interstate travel in a while! Solo Chopin recital in Adelaide, four shows over the next two evenings 🎶

3 weeks ago
Huge thanks to all who attended 'Songs of Love and Death' and to our friends at @OperaQueensland for co-presenting our Bris Music Festival opening show. Australian Stage Online have released a lovely review of the event.

3 weeks ago
Liftoff for the 2021 Brisbane Music Festival this evening + tomorrow arvo!

Songs of Love and Death, featuring Jane Sheldon + yours truly. Music by Debussy, Sheldon/Curwin + Messiaen. In partnership with @OperaQueensland

1 month ago
@4mbsclassicfm listeners can now enjoy #alexontheairwaves as i’m now one of the team of presenters 🤟🎶 #4mbs #radio #classical https://t.co/G8Ur7oj8JX





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